Bio-One of Western Slope decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Behind The Scenes of Bio-One Western Slope’s Team

Author: Vicky Thurlow – Owner, Lead Technician

If you’re a business owner or an observant employee, you know it’s becoming more and more difficult to find good help that isn’t lazy, unreliable, unappreciative, or always complaining.

At Bio-One Western Slope that is NOT an issue we deal with. Our Technicians ROCK!

Meet Darren Cook, Kenny Levesque, Jaritt Miller, and Mike McGuire. These individuals are available, reliable, appreciate, hardworking, meticulous, and companionate. In addition, they all go above and beyond on every job.

In fact, I just received the following compliment from a job last week:

“I live in Texas and watch after my nephew who is mentally ill. He lives by himself in Colorado. I had never been inside his place because it was so filthy. Bio-One employees did more than clean up his living space. They genuinely cared about him and were able to do their job while treating him like a person. After speaking with their office, I knew I could count on them. They are confident in what they do, and I felt they were there to help an impossible situation for both of us. Definitely will recommend Bio-One. A special thanks to the staff/workers.”

THIS touches my heart because Bio-Hazard Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning is not just about cleaning it’s about caring and to be able to CARE for individuals while having to deal with gross filth conditions, feces & urine (human and animal), blood, vomit, tremendously strong odors, dead animals, mold, hazardous conditions, working in heat & cold on rooftops/hoarder's homes/attics/crawl spaces/etc., and last but not least, working with families who have just experienced a major tragedy and loss from suicide, homicide, domestic violence, or an undiscovered death…IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.

My admiration for this Team is hard to put into words because under all circumstances they always remain professional, respectful, and companionate. They truly believe in our company motto…


With much respect for the Team,

Vicky Thurlow