Vicky Thurlow – Owner Bio-One Western Slope Colorado

  • Want To Help Someone That Is a Hoarder?
  • Need To Sell or Rent a Home That Has a Hoarder In It?

You’ve probably seen the television show “Hoarders”. It’s important for you to know that even though there is a script and a lot of planning for those “shows”, HOARDING IS VERY REAL, it is EVERYWHERE, and it does not discriminate against income, education or age.

The most unfortunate things about hoarding is the mental condition of the person and the gross filth and unsanitary conditions they and usually their pets live in.

Hoarding usually stems from anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and/or depression and the individuals tend to think they will need a particular possession down the road. The anxiety of not having it later is what keeps them from throwing away possessions that usually have no value. Many hoarders also claim the reason they can’t get rid of certain things even though they are broken, filthy, or of no value, is because they have a memory or attachment to their items and therefore cannot get rid of them.

Bio-One Western Slope sees all kinds of hoarding situations and there is no job too big or too small for our qualified bio-hazard team. Our team has cleaned out rooms full of newspapers, magazines, junk mail, clothing, empty cans, the cardboard centers of toilet paper rolls, fast food sacks, unusable appliances, even an overabundance of pets and their feces. We handle little critters, rodents, flees, even bedbugs who LOVE hoarders and LOVE living in their homes. Hoarding homes are almost always a seething pool of dangerous germs and diseases.

Yes, it’s pretty messy that’s why our team always wear OSHA standard PPE (personal protective equipment). We size up the situation, make our plan and begin the massive job. We always set aside any valuables but toss most everything else, always according to owner’s wishes. Once the rooms are cleared out of debris, we sanitize all surfaces returning the home to a clean and healthy environment.

Whether you want to help someone in need or you own a home that you want to rent or sell and a hoarder has been living in it - BIO-ONE IS YOUR ANSWER.

We are available 24/7 and are always happy to help.