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Bio-One Asks...Please Check on Your Loved ONes


It’s still hot in Western Colorado and as fall approaches, it is unbelievable as to how many people especially the elderly live in homes not properly air conditioned.  Extreme heat can cause strokes, heat rashes, heat cramps, exhaustion, even death.  When the elderly live in homes not air conditioned during these hot months, they are more susceptible to the dangers of extreme heat and death therefore, decompositions are more prevalent in hot months.  



In the last two months we’ve had a half dozen people found dead and had not been discovered for minimum 10 day.  With the temperatures being so high lately, the decomposing body of the deceased can cause major damage to a property.  Carpet/pad, sometimes subfloor needs to be removed along with baseboards, walls, cabinets, furniture, anything that has been touched by the decomp fluid.   Once removed if there are any remaining odors, Bio-One uses amazing chemicals and ozone machines to clear the air. 


Thinking about anyone who dies this way is heartbreaking.  We ask you to check on your friends and family you have not heard from in a while- especially the elderly.  Hot temperatures create risky situations.  We should all be checking on our loved ones more often and making sure their air conditioners are working properly.  Many elderly are too proud to call their family and admit they are living with no cold air either due to lack of money to pay their bill or lack of will to call a HVAC company to come out and fix their unit.  


Just like Bio-One Western Slope, your loved ones are only a call away!


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