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Over the past couple of weeks, Bio-One Western Slope has been busy with a variety of jobs including, hoarding, rodent feces and urine, mold, and c-diff decontamination.  The health risks of these types of situations is a real concern that you need to be aware of.




Feces and urine contain live bacteria and if you touch contaminated surfaces you can contract serious infectious bacteria. 


Mold emits harmful and dangerous spores that can cause severe illness simply by breathing them in.


Many other hazardous situation we can remediate are blood and blood borne pathogens, odor, meth, marijuana residual, and tear gas.


THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY.  If you have concerns, CALL BIO-ONE.  Your health is not work risking.


We pride ourselves in our work whether it is helping a family with a tragic loss, animal/rodent decontamination, mold mitigation, meth, tear gas remediation, hoarding and gross filth cleanup, or odor removal. 


We use proprietary eco-friendly chemicals designed to kill bacteria and blood borne pathogens that cause many illnesses in people.  These chemicals are versatile and have many purposes.  Just as importantly, we understand how our chemicals work, how to use them most effectively and appropriately, and with them, we can get your property back in order quickly.


We recently completed an odor remediation for an elderly woman who had purchased a home and had been living in it for only one month when she became gravely ill.  Her doctor helped her trace her illness to DOG and CAT URINE throughout her home.  And when I say throughout, I mean EVERYWHERE.


We pulled all flooring, carpet pad, trim, and had to cut away in some places up to 18 inches of drywall where territory had been marked.  We remediated and sealed everything and got her house back in order, odor free, and she is feeling GREAT!


Have concerns?  CALL BIO-ONE.  970-260-0609